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How to maintain the best lifespan of cordless vacuum batteries

When deciding between a corded vacuum cleaner and a cordless one, most of us are going to choose the cordless one thanks to its convenience. However, the main concern is battery run-time life. Does the cordless model offer a great battery lifespan? How should you look after the cordless vacuum’s high-capacity batteries? Understanding your concerns, we have suggested some tips to maintain the best lifespan of your cordless vacuum batteries.

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Most cordless vacuum cleaners come equipped with lithium ion batteries, which have characteristics that are different from other types of batteries. Moreover, many manufacturers only provide a one-year guarantee for cordless vacuum batteries. Therefore, it is crucial for the user to know how to look after the batteries to sustain their best life.


  • Keep them at room temperature, which ranges from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius: lithium ion batteries do not work well when exposed to warm temperatures. Keep your batteries away from prolonged sunlight, especially when you are charging them. The most harmful effect will come to your lithium batteries when they are at full charge and at a high temperature at the same time.

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  • In case you want to extend the storage, charge your batteries up to 40% and store them in a cool place. You might have found that the extra battery for your laptop or any electronic devices don’t last as long as the original ones. The reason could be because you store the battery fully charged. We recommend that you keep the batteries charged up to 40% and in the refrigerator (not freezer).
  • It’s no issue when you leave it on charge over 100%: A lithium ion battery knows when the capacity reaches 100% and stops the charging power. Therefore, it will not dramatically harm your device if you leave the battery charged overnight.
  • Do not drain the battery completely: we know that other old versions of cells benefit from the entire drains and recharging, in which the battery will be refreshed. If you are familiar with that habit, you should change when switching to lithium ion batteries, which work in a different manner. Lithium ion batteries are better when not drained to under 20% of charge. If they are, the run-time lifespan will be decreased dramatically.

Lithium ion batteries have some cons, especially in terms of the heat sensitivity and having to take more usage care. However, their many advantages help to improve the effectiveness of electronic devices, including being lighter and providing more charge cycles than other batteries of similar size. Thus, lithium ion batteries are getting more popular and are being used in most cordless vacuum cleaners and other electronic devices. Some of the most popular models with lithium ion batteries include the Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet, the Gtech AirRam, and the Morphy Richards 732004. In particular, the Dyson V11 range are our top best rated vacuum cleaners Image ever, with a Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum battery, which offers the highest cell productivity.

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